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Why choose Percussion Play?

Why Choose Percussion Play? - Musical Playground FAQs

With an unusual combination of sculpture, play and music, our instruments make people stop, they challenge the individuals who encounter them to have a go, whatever their age. Integrated with architecture or landscaping they cross the boundaries of usual play equipment to allow hands-on music making possible for any member of the public to enjoy - making them both desirable and fun. Ideal for landscape architects, local authorities and playground designers who are looking for dynamic, interactive playful items which add energy and soul to your outdoor area.

Constructed of durable, easily cared-for materials to avoid the worst effects of the elements and vandalism, all instruments are designed to avoid costly or long term maintenance. Where possible we've designed the instruments to be played simply by using your hands. Where beaters are required, we've engineered them as one complete piece so the ends do not become separated and they're attached using coated stainless steel cables.  The instruments themselves are made from stainless steel with high corrosion resistance, making them outdoor musical instruments which stand out in terms of quality and performance. 

Percussion Play instruments are great way to keep the arts alive in the community and a great way to bring the community together, an opportunity for young children and their grown-ups to be creative and to find the joy in creating music together.  Music making promotes cooperation, interaction, and creativity - all things that help to build closeness and mutual affection. Music does not have an age limit, or a required skill level, so it's something that groups of people can do together and all contribute to and benefit from.

Percussion Play wants to inspire musical fun and curiosity, to provide opportunities for meaningful musical engagement whilst outdoors.   We are confident that our instruments can provide an alternative play solution to a number of challenging locations such as public parks, town centres, forests and other public areas.  

"It's great to play."

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