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Where are Percussion Play Instruments made?

Producing Outdoor School Percussion Instruments


 Percussion Play are very proud of the fact that all their instruments are made in Great Britain.

Although we always try to source materials from within Great Britain, there are a few, which are not available in the UK. Those materials are sourced from abroad however the quality we expect from them is as high as with any other material from Great Britain. By sourcing materials from Great Britain we can be sure of the quality, support our industries, while having the added benefit of lowering our carbon footprint.

The assembly of Percussion Play outdoor musical instruments is done entirely by hand and then precision tuned, which requires a great deal of experience and a good-ear!

There is no language more powerful than the language of music. Music crosses all cultural and linguistic barriers.  Find a country that does not have music of some kind, from Derry to Denmark from Darwin to Delhi, search anywhere you like. Every country will, without doubt, have some form of music. Their people will make music, play music, and move to music. Music is truly a language that is spoken by every person on the earth.

We distribute our outdoor musical instruments to nearly every country in the world through independent distributors around the globe.  



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