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Outdoor Musical Instruments For Castle Sensory Garden

Outdoor Musical Instruments For Castle Sensory Garden

Client: Egestov Castle, Odense, Denmark

Location: ‘Garden of Life’

Percussion Play Denmark have successfully installed outdoor musical instruments in a brand-new sensory garden within the grounds of Egestov Castle, Odense, Denmark.

Egeskov castle, famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe, has stood in its beautiful location in Southern Funen for over 460 years. However, it is the stunning park and its large number of gardens that makes a visit to Egeskov so memorable. The gardens are under constant development and the new Garden of Life has only been open to the public this month. Designed to stimulate the senses, through shapes, plants, colours and scents, taking visitors on a tour of the seasons, the passage of time and through the five senses. The garden ‘rooms’ illustrate the seasons through colour, with different colour schemes in adjoining rooms. Music is an important element in the ‘Blue Garden’ which represents the sense of hearing, and the Percussion Play Outdoor Musical Instruments have been installed amongst rustling and whispering grasses.

The instruments used were carefully chosen to compliment the garden and included:

  • Harmony – Outdoor Sound Sculpture

  • Babel Drums – Outdoor Stainless Steel Tongue Drums

  • Cadenza – Compact Outdoor Xylophones

Finally, a bespoke set of 26 aluminium chimes have been installed which plays the melody of one of Denmark’s most popular songs "Jeg ved en lærkerede" (I know a larks nest), when struck from left-to-right. This instruments allows everyone, regardless of musical ability, to play this familiar song when walking through and enjoying the garden.

Egeskov has been described as "Denmark's most Beautiful Garden" and in 2012 was awarded the European Garden & Heritage Network Award for ‘Best European Historic Garden’. CNN Travel named Egeskov garden as one of ‘12 Fabulous Gardens in the World’.

The Garden of Life is now open.

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Babel Drum

Percussion Play - Outdoor Musical Instruments

Cadenza and Harmony

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