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Rainbow Sambas Outdoor Drums With Election Fever

Bright and colourful, Percussion Plays Rainbow Samba Outdoor Drums have had a make-over ready for the election here in the UK!

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Show Your True Colours This Election

In the spirit of the upcoming UK elections, we thought it would be fun to colour our most popular outdoor musical instrument - the Rainbow Sambas Outdoor Drums - in the colours of five major UK parties.

With Great Britain now in the grip of election fever and the public ready to head to the polls next week, we definitely don’t want to use our blog as any sort of political crusade. We will remain apolitical, and quietly demonstrate that our drums are suitable whatever your political leanings!

And this multi-coloured set is sure to strike a chord with the floating voter.  

Outdoor Playground Drums in UK Political Party Colours

About Rainbow Sambas Outdoor Drums

Rainbow Sambas are fully functional musical instruments and not just playground equipment. Movement, timing, rhythm, these are the very basis of drumming and studies have shown that a child's sense of timing—that is, the ability to feel and express a steady beat—has a dramatic effect on speech flow, motor skills, sporting ability, and other important developmental characteristics.

These outdoor drums are perfect for children to experiment and explore music and sound in a fun, interactive and hands-on way. Drumming is a physical activity and is almost as much an athletic endeavour as it is a musical one, using up lots of energy whilst allowing plenty of creative expression and emotional release.

Playing the Rainbow Samba drums can be the most rewarding experience and because there are five of them, present a wonderful opportunity for friends, families or classmates to come together and create some amazing musical energy, with everyone getting to share their rhythmic ideas and make some wonderful music in the moment.

These drums provide total hands-on music experiences for children. They are child focussed and children will move and explore the places in the brain and body where rhythm lives and thrives.

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