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How to Choose Your Outdoor Musical Instruments

Researching Outdoor Musical Instrument options and viewing manufacturers’ websites can be overwhelming and why does the price vary so much?

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Some manufacturers see outdoor music simply as a noise source to tick a box and the sound created can be of a very poor quality providing a dismal musical experience and dissatisfaction.

Our instruments are precisely tuned by-hand and can be used as genuine outdoor learning and music resources, presenting schools with an excellent way of incorporating outdoor education into the day-to-day curriculum.

Some types of materials used to make the notes require amplifying by some manner in order to allow the sound of the instrument to be heard properly. We do this using various types of resonators which have to be tuned to match the frequency of the note in order to work as designed. Establishing the correct resonator size is no mean feat and just because an instrument appears to look similar doesn't necessarily mean it will sound the same.

Establishing fixing methods for securing the notes in place is a skillful task and when done correctly allows the note to vibrate freely and does not hinder the sound and sustain of the notes. We spend a lot of time researching, developing and prototyping our manufacturing methods to ensure longevity and our confidence in our methods is reflected in our product guarantee.

Simple installation procedures mean they can be installed by enthusiastic PTA members prepared to dig, thereby avoiding the potential for costly installation.

When you're deciding on which products are best for your there are a number of factors to consider.

Are the instruments being offered tuned?

Are the notes resonated and are resonators accurately tuned?

What is the installation process? Can we easily self-install to save money?

How the notes fixed - will they resonate correctly and have they been correctly fixed at the non-vibrating part of the material?

Does the manufacturer guarantee give you confidence in the product? - Remember you're investing in outdoor musical instruments for the future. If you buy products which are not going to stand the test of time you could pay for it in the long run.

There are many factors to consider but hopefully we've given you a few questions to get you started. There is a lot of choice these days and making the right decision isn't always easy so take your time when deciding and please research the market properly to ensure you don't make the wrong choice.

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