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Outdoor Musical Instruments in Australia and New Zealand

Outdoor Musical Instruments in Australia and New Zealand

Great music in the great outdoors! Music has played a huge part in shaping the Australian culture and our range of outdoor musical instruments for recreational settings will bring a fresh approach to music making, creating unique and incredible music experiences for those who encounter them regardless of age of musical ability.

Bringing the fun and ease of playing percussion to the outside world, our funky interactive instruments are sure to delight children and their families. Purpose-built to stand up to just about anything Mother Nature can muster, our instruments are exciting, engaging, aesthetically pleasing and deliver a superior audio quality. Perfect for all outdoor settings including


Playgrounds & Trails


Aged care homes

Play Centres & School Playgrounds



Residential Estate Developments

Civic buildings and facilities

We have something to suit any landscape whether residential, commercial or urban projects and work with;

Government projects



Landscape Architects


Landscapers & Tradies

Music-making in the outdoors is enriching, fun and memorable. Incorporating outdoor musical instruments in the school playground can become part of the teaching environment for a range of Australian curriculum outcomes stimulating students’ creativity and imagination.

Incorporating outdoor musical instruments into a play park creates a greater range of play experiences - instead of climbing on the play equipment, you play it!

Check out the crazy sounds our aerophones theTembos and Handpipes make

See a child’s self-confidence and creativity flourish by playing on our anodized aluminum Duo Outdoor Xylophone.

Our trio of Conga Drums can be a wonderful way to teach cooperation and listening skills as the drums sound amazing and powerful when everyone strikes together!

The sound of our Stainless Steel Tongue Drums is soothing and not harsh or abrupt - medicine for the soul and a boost to the well-being.

Wonderful and energetic with a deep, deep resonant sound, the Grand Marimba is reassuringly simple to play.

Everyone has the potential to make music and given the opportunity to get hands-on experience of playing, our instruments allow everyone to realise how truly gratifying it is to make music together, allowing children of all abilities to play side by side.

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We partner with companies who are committed to the same service standards as us. Our global network of experienced authorized resellers all have the expertise required to help you choose the best outdoor musical instruments for your school, community, business or any level of government.

Purchasing through one of our Australia-wide accredited resellers will make ordering and receiving our products easy and convenient - and remember, all instruments purchased through our resellers are still covered by the same quality guarantee as those purchased directly from us.

Fill out the simple contact form below to contact us, and we'll connect you with a local reseller.

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