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Are Percussion Play Instruments for Schools?

Outdoor Musical Instruments - School Playground Equipment

Percussion Play’s instruments present schools with an excellent way of incorporating outdoor education into the day-to-day curriculum.  Our outdoor musical instruments make wonderful playground equipment for schools and nurseries as well as outdoor learning and music resources.  

Our musical instruments are designed to withstand the elements and live outside all year to help create an outdoor environment that supports young children's health, wellbeing, development and learning.  Children will love the fact that music can be used in a context outside of the classroom and possibly engage with musical outdoors in ways that are not really possible indoors.  Due to their clever design and use of the pentatonic scale, our instruments are so easy to play that children are able to develop musical skills without having to manage any technical demands of an instrument, showing children what can be expressed and achieved through music.  With pentatonic tuned musical instruments, technique is not a problem, given the simplicity of the instruments. Dissonance is not a problem, given the pentatonic scale. When one experiences the simplicity of making pleasing melodies and harmonies on the pentatonic scale, suddenly making music becomes achievable and exciting. Music in the early years supports children's all round development and helps to shape their skills in concentration, memory and listening. To aid this physical and cognitive development and lay a strong foundation in aural and rhythmic skills, every child must be given the opportunity to discover their musicality. With a little imagination, music can be incorporated into numerous settings throughout the day. Creating areas for music and sound exploration inside and out will help integrate music into the everyday experience of the children. The introduction of a musical garden or outdoor 'soundscape' will excite and inspire children musically while enjoying the obvious benefits that arise from spending time in the natural environment. Children will be able to explore new sounds whilst enjoying the benefits of the outdoor elements - fresh air and sunshine (well, fresh air at least!) A musical playground will provide young children with opportunities for early interaction and positive experiences with music. A facility where children can explore, create and develop their own musical ideas and sounds - maximising the musical potential of a child during their most rapid developmental period while discovering the joy and empowerment of music making.



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